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Key Won't Turn?

Posted on 16 March, 2019 at 11:05

Key Won’t Turn?

First, double check that you are using the right key. Many keys look similar, and it is not unusual to mix them up. If you are sure the key is correct, the lock could be dirty and filled with debris. During winter weather, it could literally be frozen. Try using a de-icing agent to thaw a frozen lock, or lubricate a dirty lock with graphite. You may need to put the key in and jiggle it around a few times to loosen up the lock.

Another possibility is that the key is worn down. Over time, the edges of a key can become too smooth to turn the lock. If you have a duplicate, see if it works, and then replace the key that is no longer working. Likewise, a brand new key could have rough spots left over from the manufacturing process that could get stuck in the lock. Carefully file down those spots, taking care to remove only the tiniest bit of metal at a time.

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