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Posted on 30 November, 2019 at 0:25

When you least expect it, your key can get stuck in your door. It can seem like an impossible task to get the key back out. Fortunately, there are some strategies that you can use to get your key out of your door and to repair the lock so it doesn’t happen again.


Use Spray Lubricant


Most often, a key becomes stuck in a door lock because the lock isn’t well lubricated. If you have access to a can of spray lubricant, you can spray it into the lock and then try to remove the key. For many people, they don’t have access to spray lubricant in the front of their home, so this won’t necessarily help them. Usually, it’s kept inside a utility closet or a garage, if they have it at all. If you have neighbors nearby, it might be worth asking them if they have spray lubricant that you can borrow to get your key out of the door.


Jiggle the Key


You can also try to jiggle the key inside of the lock to see if you can dislodge it. However, don’t pull too hard, as the force can force the key further against the lock pins. This can make it even more difficult to get the key out of the lock. A slight movement in a different direction could dislodge the key and make it easier to remove.


Apply Ice or a Cold Pack


Applying ice or a cold pack to the door lock and key could help to make the key easier to remove from the lock. The cold could contract the metal in the key to make it slightly smaller and easier to remove. Just be cautious that the ice doesn’t wet the key or the lock. This trick works best when it’s hot outside.


Hold the Lock with One Hand


You could also try to hold the lock with one hand while unlocking it with the other. While turning the lock, stabilize the lock with your hand. This can create enough resistance and stability to help you get the key out. If you can’t fit your entire hand on the lock, you might be able to stabilize it with your finger.


Call a Professional Locksmith


If none of these tips help you to dislodge your key from the lock on your door, it is time to call a professional locksmith for an emergency lockout service. Not only are you likely locked out of your home, the key being stuck in the door creates additional security risks. What if you leave the key in the door to spend time inside a neighbor’s home and someone else gains access to your home through dislodging the key?



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